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Lots of movies so far this week, that is what I've been up to. Movies, movies, movies. Cinema! Moon day we watched Shutter Island. I don't like Martin Scorsese. Or really it is more accurate to say that I don't care about Martin Scorsese. I don't like crime movies; movies about cops & robbers are innately boring to me. I don't care about them, so mostly Mister Scorsese's work is dis-interesting to me. Oh sure, Taxi Driver is okay, but ultimately another movie I just don't care about that much. So, when I saw the trailers for Shutter Island I was a little bit excited since, well-- maybe madness is a topic I'm interested in, maybe I'll get to enjoy some of the "Scorsese magic" everybody else likes. Then the movie got pretty lukewarm reviews-- which meant either that the film was terrible & the reviewers were soft-balling because it "The Martin Scorsese" or that maybe it is a film I might actually like. Well, I'm pleased to report that it is more the latter; I did end up enjoying the picture. People claim it is "predictable," & well, if you are able to read cinematic cues you can predict the way the film is going, sure, but that is...using the language of film. That isn't bad, the twist happens to set up the climax; the climax isn't the reveal but the choices made in that soup, which could go any which way. Besides that, my old school Clan Malkavian eyes are always looking for movies to add to the list of movies about crazies-- so yeah, throw this up there with Jacob's Ladder. Same movie; oh sure, totally different in plot & tone & character but something like the same theme.

Then of course Tyr's day I ran my game, which was great. When I came home Jenny was fast asleep with the fan on. It was miserable. I was still sweaty from the commute home & in the high humidity it just wasn't evaporating. Between that & the heat I languished till about one AM, which for Grandpa Mordicai is pretty late. Odin's day though was Television Night, featuring Me & Jenny, Maggie & David, & Lilly & her new pup Archie! Having a puppy is fun. I'd skipped out of work half an hour early so I could go to the gym & go to the gym I did; I had a decent little hour of power. Better than nothin', right? Back home I was overcome with a wave of stomach trouble; I was pretty miserable for a minute, but I got better. We watched...G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. I didn't have anything to do with picking it! Well, I mean, it was in the apartment because I planned on watching it, but only so I could get "having opinions" out of the way. I have opinions about stuff! The movie was terrible. I mean-- okay, for comparison, I really, really like the first Transformers movie. I am okay with the movie being stupid-crazy. It is a movie about a cartoon that was really a commercial for selling toys. A movie about robots who turn into cars-- or maybe more realistically, vice versa: a movie about cars that turn into robots. With G.I. Joe you don't need to work hard to explain stuff; it is a movie about a cartoon that was really a commercial for toys. All you need is some ninjas & a rag-tag group of misfits, along with some ridiculously over the top villains. You couldn't do that, could you? No, of course not. You had to make the Baroness the hypnotized ex-girlfriend of the hero. You had to make Cobra Commander the brother of the baroness & the former team-mate of the hero. Seriously? Here are the good things I can say: Snake-Eyes was cool when you couldn't see that his mask had lips (disgusting, like Batman's nipples). Storm Shadow was always cool; I liked his white suit. The kids fighting though was...the best part of the movie-- when the flashbacks are the best part of your film, you are in trouble. I didn't mind that Cobra Commander wasn't the villain-- that was kind of clever, actually. I did mind that he looked dumb. Hey, yeah-- mirror helm & hood are both viable options, guys. Also, screaming. Anyhow, terrible film.
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