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Come back for more.

(Conrad Veidt as Gwynplaine in Victor Hugo's The Man Who Laughs.)

I have friends! I hate having friends sometimes; I just want to hang out with Jenny. I still don't think we've normalized from her week abroad. I think she's still inside herself more than usual & I'm needier than usual, which is a bad combination. I am a delicate flower, a touch-me-not! Not a real issue or problem, but I like to be aware of shortcomings to I can fix them. I have to be aware of psychological factors, don't you know? Intellectualizing affect is a strong coping mechanism. Also Jenny broke her toe! Poor little elf. Anyhow, friends! ranai is in town; yesterday we grabbed lunch at 'wichcraft & then took touristy pictures near the Antony Gormley piece on the wedge near my building. Danielle! It is like she didn't leave. Hard to believe she did, even still! How could you? I couldn't. Then back home; Jenny made dinner of a delicious sort; blanched spinach & garlic scapes from the CSA over bialys with slow-poached eggs. Slow-poached...I don't understand, it is like...softest boiled? You poach it in the shell? Regardless, I had two. Then elladorian arrived, & while Jenny websurfed we looked at DnD monsters & I explained the difference between a "devil" & a "demon." It is a pretty important thing to know. fordmadoxfraud came in about eight, fresh from the gym. The gym! Then Danielle showed up to TV Night; sure we were sans fatbutts but you're looking at some core crew, you know? We tried to watch some Party Down but we only got an episode under our belts before the evening dissolved into livejournal nostalgia. Remember how we met iphisol, remember that one time with littlewashu, remember Jofus & Mambo & remember that one girl, or that other guy, or how those two people knew each other by freak coincidence? Remember? Banging away on livejournal dot come for over a decade. As for Party Down, it is nice to see the Veronica Mars alumni, but I am really over the "loser who is above it all" trope. Tonight it more hanging out, then tomorrow we have to do laundry, but on the plus side, I don't think I have a brazillion plans or people I'm supposed to try to meet up with. I'm terrible at that & only want to curl up in Jenny's pocket, or vice versa. Am I gross? Yes, I am gross. So far today, Rachel kept me company while I mailed stuff, far so good.
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