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The Search for the Legendary Cities of Gold. (45)

The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars by Geoff Stray.

The Dresden Codex
haunted by hanging Mars beasts
found by Bill Pilgrim.

These books are surprising in the best ways; I'm very pleased with the whole Wooden Books line, like the Stonehenge one I read a little while ago, & the others I've had for ages. They are pretty, which makes you get a sort of "gotta catch 'em all!" attitude about them-- the more you line up on a shelf, the better they look side by side. Beside that, they are cheap, which makes them great little gift books. Ultimately though, it is the fact that the books themselves are quality. They aren't navel gazing New Age mumbo jumbo. This book especially, this book is intense. Stray talks at length about the Mayan calendar, the Mayan numerological systems (the skull's jawbone marks the tweens!), & how the whole thing links up with astronomy. & I'm not talking about "through the lens of mythology" or anything like that-- we're not talking about cyclical Mayan cosmology here, we're talking hardcore calendary study of the vigesimal Mayan calendar, with enough sideline information about other systems to put it in context. The Calendar Round of Tzolkin & Haab, the wasp-star Venus; seriously, if you need a quick little how-to or reference on the Mayan Long Count, this is the book for you. & yeah, really pretty.
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