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I don't!

I've been making comparisons about True Blood since I first watched it, & I know there is nothing even slightly original about comparing it to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The fact that it isn't a new opinion doesn't make it a bad one, though, & as I'm late to the game on the show, & because qube912 wanted me to, I thought I might ramble about it a bit. I guess it is popular to have some kind of Buffy backlash these days, because a lot of people I've mentioned it to have had intense visceral reactions against the comparison, with a rebuttal that boils down to "but I don't like Buffy!" First off, those people are crazy; Buffy & Angel are watershed television, are solid sagas. Besides Buffy Summers being the evolution of the "Final Girl", it is just good television, & a distillation of what makes paranormal stories work. True Blood has the same thing going on; while Buffy had monsters as code for teen angst & sex issues, True Blood has monsters for, well, adult angst & sex issue. Heck, you've got a young blonde superpowered heroine, you've got a blonde vampire & a dark haired vampire in a love triangle with her. Boom, that is really all the comparison you need to make. Both Bon Temps & Sunnydale are regimented & judgmental settings for our characters to make transgressions against, both are shows with creature feature elements that are code for various life lessons, both have a club of close friends running back-up. I'm no cinematographer, so I can't quite articulate this point, but the lighting seems related? Maybe it is a function of the show being set at night so frequently, maybe the decaying antebellum sets of True Blood evoke the "monster's den" of some Buffy episodes? We certainly have over-lap between mother-less Buffy & grandma-less Sookie. Sure, one is slightly more melodrama than camp, one is more slightly action than romance, but we're talking difference in the mix; it is still the same cocktail. There are so many overlapping points on the grid; I can't help but wonder at what may be intentional? I don't really think much; I think we're looking at archetypes here, right? They are probably both the same as Dark Shadows for that matter; I have never seen that show, though. Life is a funny thing, isn't it? Anyhow, predictions? I think Sookie & Bill will stay together, more or less, unless Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer get a divorce, at which point they may pursue the Sookie & Eric relationship in earnest. That is my prediction, anyhow. From last night's episode, the homoerotic dream sequence was the standout; it was handled just right. Didn't take itself seriously but didn't play for a joke, was plausible enough to give you a "wtf?" moment, & you know what, the gentlemen in question have some chemistry! & Jessica is totally my favorite. Anyhow, just looking at the jagged edges of the zeitgeist poking out-- the bones in the skin of fiction. Just like when I failed to watch more Resident Evil, I kept thinking of the totemic power of a red dress.

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