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I sure felt sorry for myself this morning! Poor Mordicai, Monday is not a suicide pact! That was my crack of dawn motto. The morning before was even worse! I had a nightmare about ravenface! Or more like, a stress dream. In my head, he had talked about putting on a show (something about cave men?) before leaving-- & now he was coming back & said that dress rehearsal was today & the show was this week! Well clearly I haven't been practicing any lines for the last few months! Disaster! It was like finding out there was a pop quiz at school...& you are naked! What was I to do? Call in sick? Was there an understudy? Ad-lib & improv? Worrywart! It was one of those dreams where I kept struggling to the surface...but not waking up. Probably four hours of my morning trapped in the artificial concern! Oh well. I spent most of the day doing preparation for my Oubliette campaign, but then in the eleventh hour Sam canceled. Oh well; sad Mordicai but needs must, I suppose. Rather than go to the gym I just finished the last bit of True Blood. I had convinced myself Sookie ended up in a cocoon, but apparently I invented that! So, season two, complete & excellent. I had chosen the vampire mystery program over the gym! Nasty creature, Mordicai. Went to dinner with fordmadoxfraud & elladorian at The Park Slope Ale House & had the catfish. So did David! We chomped down on our food & drink-- I had a glass of Chelsea Hop Angel, which was bitter & nice but made me miss the Liquid Gold at Commonwealth. Afterward, David & Maggie came over to watch a few episodes of season two of Avatar: The Last Airbender-- the ones about the library in the desert. While we were watching, Rachel called to ask "Do they ever get Appa back?!" which-- I know, I know. It is the saddest thing...ever? Yes, probably ever. We watched two episodes & then they lickity-split. It had gotten cold but was there a breeze in the bedroom? Noooo of course not, so I managed to languish all hot & bothered for too long, until finally kicking the covers off, full of lonesome. This morning I read the first "Ultimate: Avengers" comic, along with a few others, like the Van Lente Iron Man. Hey, did Mark Millar manage to make Captain America shout offensive misogynistic stuff for no reason already? Geez, guy works quick. Anyhow, so far today at work I've been pretty productive, & I went with Brian & Jocelyn to help them shop for a shower curtain. & I got a new poppet too! Dude is super cute.
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