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Desperate Scientists.

Some of the greatest four panels of comic books-- & they were published in 2005. Grant Morrison's All-Star Superman just plain gets it. I mention this because since last Odin's day, I've read a few more of his Batman & Robin & such. & passed them on to Sherene, too. Now Jenny is cooking in the other room & I'm lurking in the air conditioning, updating my online diary to kill time. So far today we've...watched True Blood. Now I've opened beer & retired; I'm taking the week off, that is what I've decided. Last week, I mean. I'm post-dating it. So yeah. I'm just going to laze about tonight. I had tea & a lemon bar; I mixed myself a potion. That is about all I've been up to. I am going to run my Oubliette game tomorrow & I'm excited about that. I'll put a few pins in the dissection during the morning, but I've got ideas. I'm trying out new stuff! New stuff. Gosh, I don't know. Superman. He's it, he is great. I have been thinking about it. I said when I re-read Gilgamesh that I think that is the best "death of Batman" story; I guess the Illiad is the best "death of Superman" story? But you know, again: Morrison gets it: BATMAN & ROBIN WILL NEVER DIE! & Superman will retire into the solar core to build a machine to save us all. That is just the situation. Get used to it! Today at the grocery store I read the "produce code" sheet on the wall to tell the girl ringing me up what code the carrots were & she freaked out like I was some god-damn genius. I just pay attention to context clues! So yeah. What do I expect from tonight? Well Jenny is using her grill & cooking up vegetables & chicken thighs & maybe quinoa? Then well, I expect I'll drink some more beer (Smuttynose Summer Weizen Ale) & watch some more True Blood. I'll make up for my sloth next week. Now I'm just eating up time. & now my bottle is empty!
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