mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

I will not be sick.

We caught up a bit on LOST last night. I mean it when I say a bit; we just saw the first episode of the last season with Desmond. Obviously it was Desmond; the only other character I thought it might be was Charlie, so I want surprised when he showed up in the episode. Hey, none of the characters needed extraordinary punching in the face in the two episodes we watched! That counts for a lot. Other than that, I am not very talkative. I'm sort of clamming up? For no particular reason. I'm busy & behind at work; meetings, meetings, meetings. I am going to wear a vest tomorrow for my "once more into the breech." Yesterday I managed to get myself to the gym but found myself devoid of energy & motivation. I think I'm fighting off the sickness Jenny had; my throat is a little bit narrow. I lifted some weights & did some machines but like, couldn't manage to convince my body that more than two sets was the plan. Old skin & bones was like "yep, I'm just about done with heavy things." So I ended up on the elliptical machine watching an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was the episode "Allegiance" which actually was fairly decent. Then I read a bunch of Batman comics! The next "Return of Bruce Wayne" story, set in a Puritan witch-hunt. Not for nothing but Grant Morrison stole all my names? Not only is Batman's alter-ego in the past "Mordecai Wayne" (as seen below-- & how funny is the term "alter ego" when applied to the psychological mess of Batman?) but his enemy is Malleus, which as anyone will tell you is my Star Wars sobriquet: Darth Malleus! As well as my nom de vampire. I like it for a lot of reasons, not least that it is a homonym with "malice."

Tags: comics, television

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