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Open Door (35 pt. flaw)

Okay! Maybe I had a nice morning. I should mention-- before I forget-- that I enjoyed an episode of Batman: The Brave & the Bold the other day. Which hasn't been recording? I dunno, DVR, what is up with that? So I switched it to just record effing everything. I stopped recording Adventure Time because...well it wasn't good. It lacked real actual joy? Like, where is the sincerity? It was all replaced by irony & gross Ren & Stimpy teeth. Jenny was sick still, this morning; she slept & slept. I got us some sandwiches but mostly I hung out in the living room by myself, playing some Mega Man 9 & working on languages for Oubliette. & also, I played some Give Up, Robot & watched some more of Lynch's Dune & well, I'm trying to strip it down a little, since I realize few players or readers will ever care about linguistics & scriptoral systems as much as I do.


Argot- the language of Aubade, Antiphon, & Anise. A common & popular tongue.
Zargon- a pidgin tongue spoken by thieves, travelers, & ne'er do wells.

Nearby Languages:

Baal- spoken in Arioch & in other strange lands. A forked tongue of wicked words.
Clickclick- A language of glottal stops & smacking lips, spoken by the Botanists & doubtless others.

Far-away Languages:

Jed- a strange & otherworldy language.
Henge- an old tongue, a holy language.

Dead Languages:

Aurum- remembered by some Demi, this tongue was created by dwarves, forged from gold beaten into ideas.
Argentine- spoken by a few Karnaks, the "grey tongue" is the language of the moon, invented by wolves.
Public- this pre-Fall language is found in the remnants of many ruins.
Archae- an old tongue, a song-tongue, spoken by vampires & creatures beyond the stars.
Binome- of unknown origin, golems & machines speak this crooked language.

& then onatopofthings showed up. IT WAS BEER TIME. Jenny was asleep, so Ryan & I went to Beer Table without her! Brunch. I had the brunch sort of on Valentine's Day, so I kind of knew how to play it. The salad was...too much. Spinach & strawberries covered in pepper are pretty fan-fucking-tastic, but they were not required, considering the giant slabs of waffle-monolith with multiple centimeter thick hocks of bacon. Food, okay, fine, is great. The waitress who looks like Toy served us. She's super pregnant; the last few days have been filled with attractive people who are pregnant or have babies. Jealous. Still I can't hold a grudge of spite & malice-- she gave us beer! (I can actually hold a grudge of malice; I always do). The first beers were Oskar Blues Gubna (apricot nectar, super rich, bright, burnt sugar, resin) & Hof Ten Dormaal Blond (clean, creamy carbonation, full, honey, gulpable). The Gubna came in a can! Apparently Oskar Blues is the only can they carry. I liked it, it was very aprocotty; for that matter, the Blond was very very carbonated. That was Ryan's pick & it was no joke. When the food & the first beers were gone, we split a wine-bottle sized Toren Jan de Lichte (coriander, orange peel, bitter, floral, frothy), which Ryan liked a lot, & I expected he would. I liked it too, but Ryan drank like a fish! Usually I fill his glass because otherwise he won't drink but he outpaced me on this one. We left & he went back to Queens to pack up to go back to the Wastes. I'm home & Jenny is awake now, & feeling better. She's at the sickness level where she's not like, impaired. She just can't do anything lest she get sicker. She sick enough to take long naps! I want to bug her but I won't. I've got Oubliette in a few hours. So there is that.
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