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I am the curse my mother gave to the world.

I'm feeling crabby & like my brain is comprised of loops of rubber cement. I am all annoyed & on edge. Down the street someone is doing something awful, just the sound of rusty metal on rusty metal scraping continuously for hour after hour. I'm angry at the freezer door for making too tight a seal when it closes so that I have to yank it open again to put the ice cube tray back in. & the frightful cacophony of industrial tools scraping along each other keeps pace. All just tiny little slivers that I'm letting get under my skin, under my fingernails like bamboo, onto my last nerve, running me ragged. I've poured myself a physic, seltzer & bitters, & I am just going to take a second & relax. By the way, the difference between club soda & seltzer is that the former might have a pinch of salt or some such added to it. Oh man, & someone just walked by with a cigarette; filthy smokers, polluting the air with their self-destruction, littering the ground with the remnants of their gross addiction. I don't want to smell your disgusting exhalations, you selfish...ugh. Deep breath, get a little aum shanti selah. I don't have anything on the table today, nothing I need to sort out. I want to cut my hair; somehow that is a chore? I'll do it sooner or later. & I want to go to the gym. Going to the gym will probably help with my teeth-grinding malice, but for all that I'll need to snap myself out of the loop I'm in. Sublimate the hate into iron & gird the iron to my bones. First I think I'll probably wallow for a little bit longer, though.

Yesterday I had lunch with with one of Nicola's friends; she recommended us to each other. Book Expo America is coming up, & he's in town for it. Ugh, don't remind me of BEA; I'm slightly concerned that I'll be over-drafted next week to pitch in with it; it doesn't sound as fun as usual, but then, that might by my foul & rotten mood talking. Anyhow, Ed & I quickly found some common ground (gaming & fiction & plenty of other stuff) to go over. His tenure on Wraith being a big check mark in the plus column. We went to Spice, which I haven't been to in forever. It was Thai food; I'm I guess spoiled, since it will take better than decent thai to impress me? Anyhow I am always pleased when I meet a stranger & it turns out that the stranger is pretty a-okay. Then home; the window between work & game I filled with Jenny. We hung out for a little bit at home-- I like her! & then we went to the Ale House for a draught of Sixpoints Brownstone & some comfort food. Which brings us through to today. All I've done today is hang out, make some espresso, & watch the rest of an episode of Mythbusters.

Oh, I read the recent Spider-Man/Wolverine team-up comic, where they travel into the past. Normally I wouldn't nit pick? Okay, cave men, dinosaurs, whatever-- sure. Except, well, when you start bringing actual events like the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction into it, it starts getting a little muddled. Okay, okay, you have a Kirby mandated "cave men & dinosaurs" Earth-616 thing, & you are riffing on it, I get it, but I would have liked...I don't know, a little discussion about that. Also, Spider-Man is cooler than he's given credit for, though at least he's portrayed as a smart guy, here. & why are Wolverine & Spider-Man going cabin fever crazy & freaking out about being trapped in the past? Worse & weirder things happen to them all the time. I didn't totally buy it, which was maybe because Batman had the same adventure this week & it rang much truer?
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