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"EAT ME" she said. "DRINK ME" he said. (39)

Army of Nursery Rhymes by Cole "Inky" Sarar.

Aunt Nancy & the
Baron Saturday chuckle,
with guns in their hands.

"Look!" says sly Loki.
"The gun was a cigarette!"
Smiles. "Aren't we clever?"

Full disclosure: I've been friends with inktea for a decade. When I was stranded in Minnesota she gave me succor! She's the Mordicai Court Nocker, as far as I'm concerned. That doesn't mean these poems don't fully kick-ass. Rather, take my friendship with the author as proof that the poet kicks ass, & strong evidence that the poems are similarly exemplary. They are! The cover by Dax Tran-Caffee gives you a pretty good idea of what you are getting into. Faerie tales set on their side, retold with a cunning eye & a canny ear. Inky's not afraid to lay down some beats: poems like "Cinderella" demand to be read aloud, the cadence luminous & dribbling off the letters. "Stand Up/Chicken Little" talks about her fascination with science poems (if nursery rhymes are the "one" then science is the "two" in her "one-two" knock-out combo) & the aggravation getting poetry critics to take them seriously. Being clever doesn't preclude being good! "Boy Blue" might be my favorite poem, if only for the imagery, & I look forward to Inky & Cali doing a more in-depth exploration of it. She turns gender expectations upside down in "1001" & "Prince Charming," & when she rants about being vegan in "To Market, To Market," it isn't annoying or preachy-- just personal. & it was nice seeing artwork by C. Laird & M. Rogers, & made me miss "This Watery Grave." & for the record, let me record the poem inscribed on the cover for me & Jenny:

Wee poet Inky
bikes through the city
uptown, downtown
this nighttime ditty:

We know the truth about nursery rhyme
How often death himself
starred in Grimm's tales,
how delightfully gruesome
children's storybooks could be
so hover like buzzards over Brooklyn,
beloved monsters,
loose the green ribbon,
and wield Bluebeard's iron key
like a sword to Pandora's chest.
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