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I found a fox.

Ha ha ha! I just scared my friend Kelley really well. Our cubicals are back to back (they might be cubicals, but they aren't part of a cubical farm) & I snuck a can of DustOff over the partition & sprayed her hair with it. Pffst! It doesn't sound very funny but it was; she cursed in Spanish & everything. Victory! Otherwise today has been just a whatever. A blob of day-shaped goo. I had a Kate Bush song stuck in my head all morning. I still kind of do! Last night was pretty laid back; I came home & hung out with Jenny for a little while before she went off to hang out with Jodi. I ate some lamb shawarma & watched Mythbusters. I don't mean to be reductive of her role on the program, but I think Kari Byron is super hot lately. Maybe it is because she's clearly taking the leadership role with the journeymen Mythbusters (herself, Grant, Tory) or maybe it is because maternity suits her-- either way, total crush. Jodi arrived & Jenny left with her to go get food & drinks; meanwhile I sort of languished. I had planned on going to the gym but I was being lazy & it was raining! Luckily I conned Theresa into giving me the nudge to go. I only did an hours worth of working out, but I didn't stress my wrist, which had been bothering me, so I'll take it as a win. The Cosby Show was on, & it was cracking me up. I feel like that makes me a grown-up for sure: I could laugh at Theo because hey, I was a teenage boy, I know how that goes. His stupid antics are surprisingly plausible. I can also laugh at Cliff; his hijinks with his friends are also like me! & his fake antagonism with his wife, his wife's unwillingness to "play along" with his hijinks-- hey! The Cosby's are the Everyman Family! Eventually I came home, yelled through the window with Jodi & then Jenny & I watched Parks & Recreation & the song "November" is so sad!
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