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Foam Fetal Mr. T in a Jar.

Actually last night worked out pretty well for me! I blew off some work friends again-- I'm always blowing off work friends, because I am a homebody. Seriously, doesn't going home to hang out with your wife sound better than going to a party? Parties, I scoff at them! Actually my evening ended up super a-okay, though nothing happened. Called Jenny when I exited the train per the usual & she said she wanted hamburgers, so off I went to Corner Burger to pick things up. Sat there & read my book while they cooked. Went home & we ate them while watching Modern Family; I think one of the things they did that was smart was make the Humphries dad a dork rather than...awful. Now his dorkiness is endearing & coupled with his wife's awkwardness at it-- well, it cracks Jenny up. After that though, Jenny felt like taking a nap, which was perfect, since I felt like going to the gym! I puttered around & looked at the internet for a while so the meat from the burger could get in my belly, & then off I went. Nice 1:15 at the gym; after I tired out my arms curling, I took a break & then went back & did more curls. Good job, willpower! I just remind myself that I am a soldier of darkness, I am a weapon of malice, & then channel that into picking up heavy things. Came home & I don't think we did anything? I took a shower & we read in bed a bit. So yeah-- nothing much happened, but it hit the spot. I wanted to continue my trend of working out & reading & I did. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion, also my body. The Sleeper must awaken, see? Then today in the mail I got the book I won, far so good. Then Tom said: "so oubliette is pretty much star wars meets road warrior meets howls moving castle." Which...does this mean he gets it? Because it sort of pretty much is.
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