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(Brian, Matt, Mordicai.)
(Jocelyn, Swithers, Kat.)
(Photos by Jocelyn & Brian from Beer Pong night.)

Watched the most recent episode of How I Met Your Mother last night. I should have been embarrassed to show its face on television-- it was a stinker. Not just the anti-intellectualism, though of course that bothered me. Not the abject failure of the characters to seem relevant, cool or even like someone you could empathize with-- just really your telling me Barney can't hit on a variety of girls, or doesn't understand "slumming," & makes a brazillion dollars & wears tailored italian suits but feels out of place at a dinner party? & that Marshall & Lilly are just a bunch of country bumpkins whose humor amounts to burping? & that Will Shortz is the pinnacle of high society? I mean, no offense to Mister Shortz, but Ken Ken puzzles are not exactly Fine Art-- not that I'm disparaging them but rather cast shade on the episode's inability to know what snooty jerks are like. Ted knowing The Inferno in the Italian is pretty close. Anyhow, the doppelganger almost made up for it; really though the episode annoyed me, just got under my skin. If you want to make fun of yuppies, do it better! Anyhow, then to bed; I sort of had a miserable night? At one point I woke up & languished in bed for a little while. Then breakfast! Or coffee at least: for morning coffee I make espresso & now I put in whole milk? Not just whole milk but like, grass-fed organic unpasteurized whole milk...with the cream added back in? It is pretty rich, & part of the movement to add more nutrients to the diet. I should probably go a lot easier on the starches to make up for it, actually. Anyhow, so far today I went to lunch with Amy & threw my hat in a different ring than the ring it had previously been in. Tonight my plan is to stay motivated & hit the gym.
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