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Sofa King Tired.

Left Macmillions & was hit with a bucket of bricks. Just exhausted! The work day closed with some aggravating number chasing, then there was the hammer to anvil of the commute home. Normally I have a painless train ride, snaking through the dark in the iron serpent. I usually grab the local (or as I called it to Kelly today, the "loco," because Spanish puns crack me up) & sit down & read. Today though, the subways were all messed up (because of track debris?) & so I ended up standing up & having to transfer & not getting a lick of reading done. I know, poor me oh my. Went to the grocery store & bought a bunch of fish while a redhead made eyes at me. Came home & locked myself in the bedroom rather than be grumpy with Jenny. I was all snarls. I really do wonder what is going on; my theory is that all the vitamin-stuff is making my body go into high production mode-- like manufacturing complex compounds while it has the chance. Either way, I am bushed. Jenny cooked up the salmon & some brussels sprouts, & we watched Glee. The show continues treading water; there is more Kurt at least, though now I want more Quinn. Also more mash-ups; these "by the numbers" songs are a snore. Jenny & I were under the comforter snuggling, because she demanded "a cuddle puddle." Then that ended & we laid around chuckling (about throwing an imaginary kid named Jerry into a volcano) & now she's watching the final "on-demand" episode of Weeds. I'm drinking a glass of Fernet-Branca, which pleases me with its chemical & herbal tastes. I don't know what the rest of the night will bring, though not much. I forgot that I wanted to see Iron Man II tonight. Oh well, maybe Odin's day?
Tags: cocktails, television, work

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