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Black God of Puppets.

(Nino took this picture of us at the last Oakridge Kitchen class.)

Sometimes I think about citizen police. Like; why can't I give somebody a ticket? I want to. Like-- okay, everybody knows I yell at litterbugs. The other day I made some kid pick his trash up & throw it out! Today on the train though, some lady littered her paper-- when I was like, "oh you forgot your paper!" she said she'd meant to leave it. I said "you mean you meant to litter it?" & she turned around to ignore me. Which is her right, she doesn't have to have any civic mindedness. Except you know, the law about littering. I ended up throwing her paper away, but I wished that there were consequences. Like when you see the guy with his feet on the seats of the train, taking up a strip despite people standing up. Now me, I'm the guy who will ask him to move his feet & then sit there. Clearly I'm the guy out to prove a point. If I'm sitting down though, I'm not going to start shit on other people's behalf. There is only so much incumbant on me. I just wish I could write these people tickets. Suck it! I'm drunk on power!

Last night I went to the vitamin store & bought all the things people in Mark Twain stories are forced to take as punishment. Cod liver oil & getting your teeth ripped out by a string around a doorknob & whatlike. Seriously, cod liver oil! & coconut (haha I typed "cocobutt") oil & brewer's yeast. Then I went over to Sam & Tracey's so I could keep Sam company. I picked up a bottle of wine at Juice Box, which I've been patronizing lately on account of, well, hanging around there more often. Anyhow, hung out with Sam & Trace; mostly watched Sam play Final Fantasy XIII. He had back surgery last month so May is his big recovery celebration! We also all three of us played the nerd game "let me tell you about this character I had..." & ate pizza. Meatball & garlic pizza from Xpress Pizza. Then I left, walked to the Double Windsor, picked up Jenny & Kira & said bye to Jodi. Walked back home with the girls, sent Kira on her way, & then Jenny & I managed to watch Parks & Recreation (which has hit its stride & it now officially a decent show) before collapsing into bed.

(By: Jenna Salume; Mike Krahulik & Jerry Holkins; Aaron Diaz.)
Tags: comics, ideology, oakridge, television, webcomics, wine

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