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The Grinning Skull of the Horseman.

Well, lazy no good weekend. Badnik Saturn's day! Jenny has been on vacation, & it makes things tricky. Like, since she has access to me whenever she wants it, she doesn't have any interest in me! Scarcity I miss you! & since she's around on my days off I just want to hang around with her & I end up not getting anything done-- like not going to the gym. Still, I went three times last week, & I'm okay averaging that. I can live with that, right? Today I am fussy though, because I haven't worked out in a couple days. Also because I hadn't eaten till just a second ago-- which had the dual effect of making me crabby & of making it so I couldn't hurry up & go to the gym. Oh well, I had a bowl of cereal, which is a step in the right direction. I shouldn't complain! I had a nice Saturn's day. Jenny & I went for dinner at Athena & got copious quantities of Mediterranean food & talked about the Queen's Thief books. Of the dips the garlic was Superior; I had lamb shank & Jenny had moussaka & we split some dandelion greens. Also we split a bottle of wine & some after dinner coffee. We were full, full, full! We came home & watched both episodes of 30 Rock this week-- which were funny, which is good since the show has kind of been treading water. We closed up the night with Glee & let me tell you-- every minute they spend not on Kurt is a wasted minute of television. Kurt & Mercedes joining the Cheerios is smart, both in-character & on a meta-level. Seriously, that show is spending too much time on Shuster & Sylvester & Finn & Rachel. I get that they are the leads & they get media attention, but the viewers are tuning in for the ensemble. Also, Sue Sylvester is best done in doses, in drams not landslides. You risk blowing you cache if you feature her too heavily. This morning all I've done is shower, go to the grocery store, & watch a little Saturday Night Live. The Digital Short "Cherry Battle" was pretty good, that is all I have to say so far.
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