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Clockmaker, clockmaker, make me a match! (32)

Hollow Fields by Madeleine Rosca.

Stitched, & tick-tocking,
the maid spun about the room
in tattered stockings.

This is an omnibus of the complete series, & I was charmed by it! Which is nice; always nice to pick up something & be surprised by it. My thought process was "what is this thick brick?" followed by "hm, this sort of Jhonen Vasquez-y, Burton-ish manga look is neat," followed thereafter-- once I read the back jacket copy-- with "'School for the Scientifically Gifted & Ethically Unfettered,' eh?" & you know, it holds up. It is just a fun little schoolyard romp comic, with the occasional hideous chimera or robotic ape. It is pretty well plotted, too; you have all the clues scattered throughout, so by the time the reveals happen, you've had plenty of time as the reader to figure it out. It is a little odd for Western authors to write manga that adopts the read-backwards approach of Japanese comics but hey-- you write in a milieu, you might as well adopt it whole hog. This collected volume is pretty cheap too, & you get a pretty lengthy read (especially for a comic) for your buck. The only thing I would have liked to see would have been a colour insert; the cover & a few notes (Summer has lilac coloured hair?) make it clear that there is a dimension of palate at work in Rosca's head that I wish I could see more of; in particular her green-toned Engineers.
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