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Black Cenotaph, Gold Monolith. (31)

Stonehenge by Robin Heath.

WE raised up the Sphinx,
and WE built the Pyramids.
Celestial WE.

These "Wooden Books" are cute; I like them & think they definitely enrich a bookshelf. They are tiny little bits of theosophy or paranormal whatsits, mostly. Stonehenge has some decent archeology scattered in amongst endorsements for dowsing & Temple of Solomon-like calculations. I'm interested; the skeptical reader who mines it for fiction, you know? Dowsing might not make sense, but there is so much mummery around it that you can take it, along with its context, & interject it into your worldbuilding. Same for alchemy or megalithic yards. Besides all that, Stonehenge is a weird calendar, you know? Fun stuff, & the Avebury Dragon? How awesome is that? So yeah. This book is popcorn, but I like it; bubblegum is good stuff!
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