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The White Key. (29)

The World of Rynaga: Prelude by Eric Torres.

Sarion chemists,
Legion of Karmethia,
cherish the Hiveseed.

Rynaga is the world Eric Torres has inside of him, & lets face it; worldbuilders are interested in each other's creations. I want to take the clockwork apart & see how it ticks. I had heard about it from Geek Dad & was interested in the sort of art-deco minimalism. Rynaga is mostly being spooled out as a card game, it seems, with this book as an ancillary appendage. The book is a narrative told through the medium of postcards: it reminds me of Entropia, which is stamps but a similar idea. The pages explaining the postal codes of Rynaga & the substitution alphabet are probably the neatest thing about it-- the Sidrani symbolic language being the key to unraveling codes in the margins of the book. On the last page, Torres shows the eight shapes he used to make the art in the book-- which lends a uniformity of purpose to the illustration that underlines Rynaga's style at the expense of homogenizing the locales. In the end, I'm pleased with it-- go independent storytellers, you know? Rah rah. If I was a casual gamer, or a hardcore one for that matter, I'd consider strongly getting the game-- it seems like it takes the spirit of European games like Settlers of Catan as its jumping off point.
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