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We finished the puzzle that we started yesterday. 246 pieces & a pain in the butt! It was actually kind of exhausting-- between that & walking all over Brooklyn & in general being kind of fussy, I totally blew off the gym. Instead we watched the finale of Human Target, which continues to prove that it knows its roots by casting people like Amy Acker & Lee Majors. I am just waiting for the Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley ) episode with guest star Robert Englund-- or at least, that is what I'd like to see. Anyhow, I was in a bad mood all night, I don't know why-- just tired, maybe? Today is now! We watched Saturday Night Live & Jenny made breakfast; I should really get in gear & finally go to the gym instead of just talking about it. See, I talk about going to the gym so I indebt myself to going, you know how it is. Currently I'm just lazy; Jenny is watching a bunch of BBC shows in the living room & I'm fooling around online. Nothin' doin'!
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