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Almost. (28)

Rat Catching by Crispin Hellion Glover.

Bob Joy, rat-catcher
never consider the chance
that this would happen.

This odd little volume was a birthday present from Sam & Tracey. It is an attractive package, all red & black & gold. Strange enough to pique my interest! Crispin Glover is an authentic weirdo, I think we can all agree on that. His eccentricity is on showcase as much as anything else, in Rat Catching. Sort of a hodge podge, the starting product was an 1896 volume Studies in the Art of Rat-Catching. Glover then illustrates the text, predominantly by drawing suggestive, ratlike shapes. He moves pictures around & (re)captions them with ominous hand-written text (videlicet: "The queer platypus, almost the only mammal whose young are born from eggs." (then, scawled below) "ALMOST"). A success as an artpiece, I reckon, since I'm charmed by it; I again reiterate my central thesis: a sincere creep, the genuine article. Mister Glover is a kook, he is an uncanny bedfellow, an eerie creature with an interest in the macabre that goes beyond pretense. So there is that.
Tags: books, crispin glover, haiku, rat catching

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