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The Road of Thorns. (21)

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner.

The Thief God, the Clever One
here "Eugenides."

Every so often Jenny flips for a series & suggests I read it. Since I'm generally agreeable, & I like YA just fine, & I like Jenny better than fine, & she gets a sparkle in her eye when I say "yes," I generally agree to read it. The Thief is one of these; she went & bought the hardcover of the newest book in the series, along with all the rest in paperback, which means she really likes it. I liked it, as expected-- I only mention Jenny's endorsement to explain that I knew going in it would be good. My expectations were high by default, which is always risky. Fair warning; the book is backloaded. Also fair warning, every girl I know who has read this is in love with the protagonist. In love, major love. I don't get it? I wanted to kick him a lot. Once he got into the dungeon (which was kind of neat) he improved. The setting of the book is pseudo-Grecian, & the landscaping is really intense; the description of the world, between forests of olive trees & volcanic planes, is really very vivid & lush. The best thing I can tell you about this book, however, is that I put it down & picked up the next one in the series-- Queen of Attolia-- & started reading it next.
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