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So I've been sending letters! It is a thing I do, have done, but am trying to keep better track of. Indignant political letters! It is a funny thing you can do.

For instance, I emailed the Itawamba County school board in response to the Constance McMillen fiasco:

I'm really excited you guys are able to have such a safe, inclusive Prom 2010. I know your school has had a legacy of discrimination, & it is a real privilege for you to be able to overcome that history of bigotry on such a national stage by welcoming Constance McMillen & her girlfriend so publicly & warmly. You really are a sterling example of-- not just tolerance, but acceptance. So thanks & congratulations. You're a part of equal rights history-- good for you.

Best, & I hope this email is not a "distraction"--
Mordicai K.
Brooklyn, NY

PS. Please make sure this email is appropriate by making sure you have the best, least-homophobic prom in school history. I hate having to be ashamed of my fellow citizen's behavior, let alone teachers, let alone public officials.

Then in response to the SCHOOL claiming it was being harassed:

I've written previously to congratulate you, preemptively, on making the right decision regarding Constance McMillen. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't, & that you feel persecuted. I just wanted to write to clarify something: I'm sure you feel persecuted right now. I'd like to stop & think about the difference between persecution for what someone DOES & who someone IS. If, for instance, you are a gay youth being punished for trying to be yourself, attacked by both your peers & the authorities, well then-- you have been unjustly harmed. If, on the other hand, you cancel prom in order to continue the institutionalized bigotry against people of a certain sexual orientation-- well then you are being justly "hounded."

Again, I'd like to urge you to make the ethical choice, though I suspect it may take a court order to force your compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

Mordicai K.
Brooklyn, NY

Then more recently in reponse to the revelations that the school board activily discriminated against a trans student & the judge strangely ruled that Candace's rights had been violated but that the school was still allowed to cancel prom:

I've written you a few times previously regarding Constance McMillen & your discrimination against her. It saddens me to hear now that this is part of an orchestrated campaign of bigotry, with information on your repeated & unjustified suspension of Juin Baize. This is very disappointing, & it is starting to seem like the only good coming out of the situation is that your school's transgressions are coming to light in a public forum on the national stage. I'm extraordinarily sad to see that the authority vesting in you as public officials & caregivers has been so blatantly misused-- that the corrupt ethics & moral breaches that are becoming increasingly apparent are coming from those the community-- & children-- should most be able to trust. Just really shocking & offensive.

Mordicai K.
Brooklyn, NY

Then when Constance was invited to the "private" prom:

Hello, I'm writing, hopefully for the last time, in regards to your discrimination against Constance McMillen (et al). I just wanted to let you know that I'm glad that it seems equality & acceptance are winning the day, despite your best efforts to the contrary. It certainly is irksome to read your continuing attempts to paint yourself as martyrs. I'm not sure you understand what a "no-win scenario" is. It might involve klingons & lasers, but it doesn't involve denying rights & dehumanizing teenage girls. For instance, a "win" would have been if you had reinstated prom & treated Constance & her girlfriend like anybody else. That would have been a "win" for equality, for your public image, for Constance, for her fellows, & for everybody, really. So what you really mean is that you would rather cut off your nose to spite your face. Which, really, I guess you've done-- & yet Constance is going to be going to Prom regardless. So, while your administration may continue its hateful practices, it is good to know that the community will take matters into their own hands. Hopefully they will do the same in finding replacements for those who continued to support the legacy of discrimination.

Have a lovely day!
Mordicai K.
Brooklyn, NY

Also to Bleckley County Highschool allowing gay couples at prom:

I wanted to take a moment to say well done on the issue of Derrick Martin's prom date. It is good to see a school having the courage of its convictions. It might not seem like much, just NOT discriminating against someone, but I thought you should be congratulated on making the right call.

Mordicai K.
Brooklyn, NY

& most recently about the Corpus Christi controversy & David Dewhurst's role in cancelling it:

"Any speech that ends in a hanging "but.." almost invariably invalidates the part that comes before it, much like anyone starting a sentence with "I'll tell you the truth..." is probably going to start lying to you. When I read your opinion regarding John Jordan Otte's "Corpus Christi" production & saw that it started "Every citizen is entitled to the freedom of speech, BUT..." I knew that it would immediately veer away from the stated premise. It should have read: "Every citizen is entitled to the freedom of speech ESPECIALLY when you don't necessarily agree with them." See, protecting freedom of speech you agree with is easy. The brave thing, the right thing, the American thing to do is to protect people's right to free speech when you disagree with them.

I just wanted to share these thoughts with you. Thanks for you time,
Mordicai K.
Brooklyn, NY
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