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Can't rain all the time! (18)

Antagonists by White Wolf.

"Man of Tomorrow!"
cried the hunter, from his perch.
"Suck green, invader!"

Aw, man, sort of a bummer. Not a book that made me angry, or anything, but I wish that it was the book I imagined in my head, & not the book I actually have in my hands. The first chapter was really good; the bit about zombies, & about (pre-Promethean: The Created) Frankenstein monsters & The Crow guys & such. That chapter has fluff & crunch, & as much as it pains me to sound like I'm a rules-lawyer, the crunch is what I really came here for. The next two chapters are about (pre-Hunter: The Vigil) hunters & cults. Which, whatever, are just not that helpful to me. They aren't worthless-- but they lack crunch, besides the rules on brainwashing-- which anyone could think up, since it is just an opposed roll. The last bit, on monsters, is alright, but more for inspiration than anything else. Here is what I wanted: rules on weaknesses & such. Like they have for the zombies, although the crunch could have been a bit crunchier. I wanted rules & ideas on finding MacGuffin X, or researching weakness Y, or how to mimic Kryptonite exposure when you attach the alien overlords, or whether a hit headshots a zombie or whatever. Now sure, I can use the Poisons rules for Kryptonite & the Called Shot rules for headshots; sure, but I wanted more options. I wanted options I hadn't thought of; I wanted idea on how to do Achilles' Heels in the game, or whatever. Ah well. I'll keep flipping through the fluff though; there are plenty of fine ideas. Like I said, it isn't a bad book...just not the book I wanted.
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