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Not with a whimper, but a bang!

Saturn's day was insane, so I went a little mad too; don't mind if I do! I described the weather as "Cloverfield weather," & it sort of was. Not quite Statue of Liberty head-ripping, but gusts of wind & gouts of rain-- sideways rain. I had a yen to go to the gym, but I wasn't venturing out in that mess. Instead I finished my book & played some video games. I was a little stir crazy, as I mentioned, & stared at the internet without getting anything much accomplished. Eventually Jenny came home & when I noticed it had stopped raining for a moment, she helpfully goaded me into going to the gym. I felt fairly accomplished! That night though, we watched the pilot of Parenthood. Oh god, that show is awful. I mean-- I like Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls & Peter Krause because of Sports Night but heavens to betsy did I hate that show. Basically just forty minutes of terrible things happening to despicable people with ten minutes at the end where they hug it out & make the world safe for white hetero-normative people. Just rubbish, & Jenny made us finish it!

Sun's day Jenny kept saying I was super in love with her; whatever! We lounged around the apartment. Watched Saturday Night Live, which I thought was pretty funny, even if the sketch about home security had already been done better by Sarah Haskins. I know we must have watched other things, though we didn't spend the day huddled around the television. There was Human Target again, with all of its very 80s flavor, & oh we did catch up on the last two episodes of How I Met Your Mother which I thought were quite good & much better than the last few before them. I went to the gym again, at some point, & oh! We polished off some of the burritos we'd had left over from the night before-- burrito night! Then there was an episode of Solitary 4.0 in there, too.

The real cap on the evening was dinner at Al Di La with Kira & Nino. The wife & I got there early, & the tribe was running late, so we went to the wine bar around the corner-- oh, pardon me Al Di La Vino (compare to "Al Di La Trattoria"). Jenny's wine was better than mine, though I didn't note what mine was (Gra...maccia?) or what hers was (the special). Kira & Nino showed up & we were seated back at the restaurant. I had the lamb chops (again, the special) which was ace, as was Kira's malfatti (swiss chard & ricotta gnocci). Not that Jenny's lamb ragout wasn't good (it was everyone else's favorite) or that Nino's hanger steak wasn't tasty (it was just hanger steak, though). The appetizers were actually the best part of the meal, if you ask me: some kind of white salad made of the insides of various vegetables, & Swiss chard with anchovies (Swiss chard, you are breaking my heart!) & also octopus & chickpeas. We all sat around talking about "grown-up stuff" then tra la la, time to tuck Jenny's into bed.
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