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Thor's day, Thor's day, Thor's day, live a the Colosseum!

I was bothered when Indexed picked zombie in the recent "fantasy league" post. Zombie? ZombieS are threatening, but not singularly. & they somehow beat werewolf & vampire & ghost? Nope, no way. So I did my own draft, picked the starting line-up out of a hat. There were a few tight races. Cyclops-- I had to go with the primordeal smiths, the giants who forged the lightning. Those guys are...pretty bad-ass. Siblings to the hektonhire, who are gamebreakers. Elf versus faerie was rough, but it solidified "elf" into the Tolkien-mileu, as well as the Legend of Zelda consideration. Link versus Navi! Anyhow, that stuck with it; elf versus changeling is like elf versus half-elf, & then elf versus witch...well, Galadriel wins. Elf versus cyclops all I could think was Finglofin against Morgoth, & well...Morgoth might have won that but Sauron wouldn't've, you know? So there you have it; I freely confess my bias towards the Eldar. So that was my play-offs. Elf for the win.

Here is what Ed Crosby had to say.
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