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Cite needed!

The book I'm reading is at a part where it canonizes food as an element of utopianism, & well, it got me hungry. As anybody will tell you, I'm very suggestible. Heck, most of my decisions I make in a vacuum, so I'm always eager & anxious for new ideas. I'm voracious that way. So, when Jenny got home, we went to Aperitivo for dinner. We had some mussels to start, then I had ravioli & Jenny had hanger steak. We went outside our usual zones by not getting the gnocchi for one of our options! Anyhow, for desert we had the crème brûlée, & it was awesome. I don't like sweet things as a rule, but this was not overpoweringly sugary. It was rich & huge! Like, not just a little wee ramekin but a huge, wide dish-- more crust to crack! Also some mango paste on top for extra oomph. I'm a fan. We drank our complimentary port & came home to catch up on some television. Castle was...well, the intricacies of the plot turned out to be good? The red herrings, the whodunit, the backhistory-- all built in, tight, neat. The actual portrayal was pretty lame. It was "S&M Dungeon" themed, & everyone seemed really vanilla & super patronizing. Also the "procedural-ness" of the show really grated on me? Normally I hate procedurals-- watch this cop violate this guys rights & cheer him on!-- but shows like Castle that are basically comedies squeezed into the sausage casing of a procedural, that is okay. In Castle petty criminals give them tips & then get let go, whatever. This time it was very "well if she is innocent, why did she call a lawyer?" & it was like, uh, 'cause you guys tried to entrap her by impersonating a client, then tried to intimidate her confidential client list from her, then leaned on her in the interrogation room? We also watched Rotten Tomatoes which was quality reviewing as always, & Parks & Recreation which is actually an okay show finally. Then to bed! & today I'm not at work! I have the day off, since I have roll-over vacation days from last year that expire this month.
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