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The Heaven Star Wormwood. (14)

Hayate X Blade Volume 6 by Shizuru Hayashiya.

Akira Fan Club
must pay the ultimate price
to see maid cosplay.

The most recent Hayate X Blade, & as usual I snapped it up as soon as I saw it. That says something for it, huh? The mixture of fun, confusion, madcap humor, sword fights, & just pure...X factor? Make it eminent & compelling bubblegum. The premise remains the perfect pitch: all girls sword fighting school, but now the relationships-- the melodramatic, comedy-crazed, punch & flirt heavy relationships-- are in focus. The one bad thing remains the just raw ability to confuse English speaking readers with names & nicknames & pet names & family names & nicknames based on family names, & names which are puns on translations in can be tricky. Like when Isuzu gets called "Wan Wan," because that is Japanese for "Woof Woof" because in her family name is the phoneme "Inu" which is Japanese for "dog." Stuff like that can make keeping track of what is happening tricky. The moral of the story is: this remains exactly what it has always been. Insane. This volume continues the last volume's "maid costume" theme & climaxes in a fight between eighty girls with wooden swords & eight girls with...ladles.
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