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I mean "heavy" like Marty McFly.

("John Woo Presents..." animation of Zuko from Sokka Gets No Respect.)

You know, Jenny refuses to delete the extra addresses, the lingering relics from the past, in Amazon. She likes it, wants there to be a record of all the places she's shipped to. & to be fair, I mean, even Musselman dormitory from when I was at Kent & we had first started dating is in there. Just weird. I had to order new headphones because the pair I use for the gym (& when Jenny is asleep) crapped out in one ear a couple days ago, & then yesterday at the gym they died on both sides. I mean-- I coil them up, keep them in my pocket, plug & unplug them-- I'm fairly rough on them. Anyhow, speaking of the gym, I've been better about going the last few days. I went last night, & then of course we watched some more episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender. The day before I met up with Olive after work for a few drinks & wandering around Gotham's streets-- we ended up at a bar where Kat was, & she called Matt to come visit. We were antisocial though-- me & Olive, team us. Then...well, then I went home, got sandwiches for me & Jenny & watched more Avatar. What do you want from me, we're obsessed! Lately with Zuko-as-disaffected-youth. His whole "I'm good now!" speech-- both in practice & for real-- cracked us up. During the "Black Sun" seige though Jenny kept freaking out-- she didn't want anything bad to happen to Appa. I also wrote a Kit Marlowe & Co. post about E.R. Eddison & another one at Kit Marlowe & Co. about The NeverEnding Story. So that has to count for something.
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