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I've resisted the Olympic Fever up until now. I...don't think I can hold out much longer! The biathalon has been going & is still going, but the US is boring in it. Tonight Jenny hung out with one of her friends, so I decided to powerhouse the gym. I did an hour & forty-five minutes, & part of that is because I did cardio while watching the US Women's Curling team lose to the Danish Women's Curling team. Curling gets a bad rap, I'm cool with it. Mostly, Madeleine Dupont (Denmark, above) had this super dark eye make-up & this hawklike stare when she threw stones that was pretty compelling. Anyhow, there was a chance at the end for USA to tie it up, but no such luck. Also on the tube was the Cash Cab episode with ravenface, Dan, & Richard in it, which I watched & was tickled pink by-- pink as ole Salmon's belly. Also bumped into Martin there. Now I'm home, & hey, now Jenny's home too!
Tags: gym, olympics, television

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