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There will be time to edit when you're dead!

Valentine's Day was a big success. Just very lackadaisical, mostly held up with reading & relaxing. Jenny would do her thing in the other room, then dip in for a kiss & some chuckles, then go back to doing her own thing. President's Day was...not as easy going. Jenny's work schedule typically doesn't give her two days off in a row-- well, the occasional weekend but not most of them-- & she doesn't really know how to deal with herself & just gets fussy. So that was going on, crabby Jenny-- I scuttled around trying to feed her & take care of her & such. Eventually I up & went to the gym; when I came back she was scrubbing the cabinets. Then Carla & Kenneth came over to use the bathroom & Jenny went with Carla to get her nails done; I took a shower & goofed around at home. After getting her nails done Jenny came back for an hour before she had plans with Kira, so we watched Human Target. Mostly I like that show for fully committing to being a show from the 80s. It really has that same sort of lack of logic but internally consistent thrust-- the logic of awesome, as it were. At some point during the week we watched Leverage too-- further cementing my crush on Beth Riesgraf-- or at least, on Parker. Speaking of crushes, with her short haircut, Morena Baccarin is melting my face. I might...have a type. Of which Jenny is key! Lets see. Alright, I'm just riffing on life details here. I tried to unclog the drain this weekend; digging in the drain with utensils didn't work, & the drain twists too hard to make baking soda & vinegar work (though I tried it). I don't really...think things like Draino should be legal? Like, dumping poison into the potable water, that...that is a terrible plan! So I got some hippie type of unclogger, which Jenny used. I tried plunging too-- so between a bottle of the hippie gunk & the plunging, it seems to have mostly cleared up. While I was hope alone last night I watched some Daily Shows, some Colbert Reports & an episode of The Sarah Silverman Show. I watch about six episodes of that a year, when I'm in the mood for it. Thing is, now? That she's advertised paired up with Demitri Martin, & I hate, hate that guy, almost as much as those "Mister Opportunity" commercials where he knocks on the screen of the television. So there you have it; just a big splurge of weekend wrap-up. & I will conclude by saying I made a post at Kit Marlowe & Co. about book recommendations.
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