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heatherica wanted to know what I got Jenny for Valentine's day, so here you go. With the Han Solo Valentine card on the packaging, there was a new dagger, a neat bird claw necklace with a jawbone charm, & some tights made of bamboo yarn-- & not rayon claiming to be bamboo. We slept in, & so far all we've done really is made french toast & bananas. Later we're going to Beer Table for brunch. Jenny says we usually go to communal tables for Valentine's Day, but last year & the year before we went to Perch. I guess in 2006 we went to Ginza for hibachi. Otherwise I've been reading & writing at Kit Marlowe & Co. about Schwa.

Yesterday I fooled around the apartment all morning. The exterminator came, for one thing. For another, I beat World Nine in New Super Mario Brothers, but I still have to catch all the coins. "Catch" is a term I stole from Brian & Jocelyn, who speak of "catching" the stars in Mario Galaxy. Then eventually fordmadoxfraud came over & we went to the gym! I like working in with someone; I feel like I push myself harder both because I have a chance to rest between sets & because of showing off. Like, I won't cop out & only do three sets when I should do five, for instance. So we went for an hour & a half, & on the cardio I flipped between Dodgeball (which, to tell the truth, I saw in theaters & it cracks me up) & Equilibrium, which I've actually never seen. I kind of like the look of it though. Then we came back & we started talking about his character for my next Oubliette game, Luther Mid-morning, of the House of Cups. Then! He went home, Jenny came home, & we watched Modern Family (which is hit or miss, but this one was a hit) & Leverage (have I mentioned my crush on Beth Riesgraf?).
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