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A fussy day that eased into something better once I had some real food. It has been a meeting-centric work week, which messes up my ability to make smart digestion choices; look, a mound of bagels & pastries! Look, a four hours stretch of only drinking coffee! I came home & got my crank on. By which I mean my grouch, not my meth. Jenny cooked up some veggies & quinoa & pork, & we settled down to watch Tosh.0 which had some moments but I dunno, over-all I feel like this season has been less steller than last; last season I didn't have to cringe at some many of his jokes, for one. After that we decided to watch Zombieland. Here is what I have to say about that. Jesse Eisenberg really, really is the same guy as Michael Cera; it is uncanny. Woody is fine, but not as good as everybody claims-- like, he doesn't steal the show. Abigail Breslin cracked me up with her "who is X?" schtick, & Emma Stone does an amazing job of being the compelling girl who you decide to trust even though she clearly is the least trustworthy. Then she betrays you but you give her another shot. Hey, remember dating that girl? I do! Bill Murray is a cute cameo; I for one am fine with how it ends & all that. The weirdest thing about the movie is the pacing-- I kept being like "I've only been watching this for thirty minutes?" or "I've only been watching this for forty-five minutes?" or "I've only been watching this for an hour?" I think the best thing about it is that they all live. Spoiler alert, they all live, so that is some dramatic nonsense you don't have to worry about. After that we watched Community, which is just so effing funny? Classic sitcom success. Abed's sarcasm intonation? Or the mask under the mask? It really is successful at both following formulae, subverting genre, & breaking out original stuff. Then to bed! & to today; meetings all morning have, I fear, made me a little useless.
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