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A face in the snow.

(Photo cribbed from Daile.)

I don't have anything to say, & it is my favorite. Seriously, the notion that excitement is required is one of the illusions of youth I'm happy to see evaporate. Of course, thinking about it now, I didn't really adhere to it then, did I? Missions were just a way to keep you occupied in between trying to find roleplaying games to play or whatever. I'm doing nothing & it is pleasant. Last night I went to the gym, & Jenny came with me; I had a pretty okay little work out. I'm currently doing forty-five minutes (:45) of machines & free weights & thirty minutes of two sets of cardiovascular (:15, :15). After that we came home & Jenny made these little chicken fingers baked in coconut; we ate them at the table like civilized aristos, & then we settled in to watch Castle. A particularly convoluted episode, especially given that when you have Ray Wise in your script we know he is the villain. You aren't fooling anyone. At least the daughter was around; she has been under used lately. After that it was to bed; some giggling & such, then Jenny fell asleep & I read some. Like I said; nothing happened & I liked it. Oh! &^ yesterday I heard the AM New York newspaper guy say "Read all about it!" which is great! Wuxtry! There was some talk of a snow day today, but I never thought it would happen (though now I'm told we're off at three, off early & rewarded with extra vacation for coming in) & anyhow, I've been productive today. Like, I made a post at Kit Marlowe & Co. about role-playing books.
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