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Today at work I got a free buritto!

Last night I had a dream about Reigh & now I'm really kind of bummed & missing her! In the dream, myself & a group of people came to her house for a party; or to also crash there because we were nomads. Reigh was no where to be found, so everyone started looking for her. Then! I found out that "Meredith" had turned her into a ghost. Reigh was a ghost! So I locked myself in a tiny bedroom & tried meditating until I astrally projected. It turns out to be pretty easy. I found Reigh & brought her back & then she hugged me & called me a Shaman. I told her I wasn't a Shaman! A shaman dresses up as something to gain power, like a kachina or Batman. I was something different entirely. Because I am. I woke up later & was happy to have seen Reigh again. She had on super tall woolen stockings, & while we cuddled she kept rubbing her fuzzy legs on me like a cricket.

Last night was an Oubliette Character Generation Confab! I met up with Maggie at the bank & we walked over to Commonwealth to meet up with Edbury. There, we commenced discussion about what kind of character's they would play. I gave them a rundown on the three city-states I wanted to start with-- Aubade, Antiphon, & Anise. I want to start small scale & go outward, & I don't want to overload them with worldbuilding info, so I figure I'll start small. The map is bounded with the Garden of Forbidden Fruit on one side, the hostile nation of Arioch on another, the Abaia Mind Control Zone blocking the Ocean, & then the murderous & savage Botanists on the other. Edbury is a guilty Kennedy Catholic with a chopper named Ofanim & Maggie is an antisocial semi-feral child "covered in bloody hand prints" named Riza, or Root. I crash coursed them on the rules & did some basic character building. I feel like it was pretty productive! We also bumped into Caroline, & thus also Neil & Bridgett (who works for the same company as me). So, yes. Fun.

As usual, there is a post at Kit Marlowe & Co., this time about anthropomorphic animals.
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