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Mine the dwarf star.

Worked yesterday; there might be a chewing out in store for me, as I predicted, thanks to the whole ill omen of stars around the giant pile of boxes. Still, making good headway against it, & really the trouble was inevitable, thanks to the conspiring of events. Then last night...I ran into Jenny at the gym! Which is fun; I've been trying to convince her to go, but she is unmotivatable. I can have the same problem; good luck trying to get me to do something I don't want to do. She takes the cake, though. I went to the gym & figured out this: I want to use the bent bar from now on. My wrist has been kind of bugging me, & I suck at letting things heal: as soon as it starts feeling a little better, I go back to taxing it. Anyhow, the bent bar doesn't even a little big aggravate my wrist, which is its whole point, so I'll be using it more. Came home & Jenny made more...chopped vegetables with chicken on top. It is good! We watched Tosh.0 which has been a little boring lately. Seriously, I already overlook its stupid misogyny & race baiting because it is funny, but if you are going to be a sexist who isn't funny, then I'm out. Luckily, the Web Redemption made me laugh. Then we watched Community, which continues to be a lot of fun. I also continue to be troubled by the messages they are sending me about Annie; she is clearly the hot one! Stop acting as though she weren't! Finished things up with Parks & Recreation, which is mostly worth watching because of April. Then, to bed: midway through the night though, I was woken up by the people upstairs having sex. It made the floor creak a parody of people having sex. Then I had to listen to the male's post-coital braying. Ugh.

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