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So I got food poisoning. I ate a ton of Qdoba; I had a gift certificate & a coupon! So I got a lot of food: a tortilla soup, a mini quesadilla, & then a burrito. I didn't eat it all at once! I had the first two for an early lunch & then the burrito for an early dinner. Then I came home & went to the gym. After the gym I was...fussy. APPARENTLY I WAS A HUGE JERK! Jenny says so at least. Well, I wasn't feeling to good. Jenny thought I was sick, & normally if I'm having some kind of thing that looks like an emotion, it usually does mean there is a physical cause. Not that neurochemicals aren't physical, but I mean even less subtle than that-- hungry, or tired, or sick. Jenny has had a bad cold all week, so I checked & I didn't feel like I had a cold! Then I started exploding from both ends, & that continued for the next eight hours. I mean, real disgusting stuff. I mean to the point where one was so disgusting it would trigger the other. Yikes! Gross! Until I was left with just retching. Empty hollow! The next day I was so exhausted-- so so tired. To weak to play video games or check the internet. Sitting up was too hard for me. I just put Robotech in the DVD player (which was the work of an epic quest, crawling across the room) & turned it on. Then I passed out. I sort of drifted in & out of a haze of sleep while SDF-1 continued its brave saga. Eventually Jenny came home; I was feeling a bit better. We watched infoMania & The Rotten Tomatoes Show, & then Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. I was all miserable & weak & on a liquid diet; like when I had my face busted. Eventually I made Jenny pause the movie & went to throw up the fruit smoothie she's made me earlier. After that though I feel like I turned a corner. I'm still weak & my stomach still was grumbling when I drank that can of Ensure just now, but there you go. Also we watched the last episode of Dollhouse, which was pretty good. Especially when Mad Max Victor Tony showed up. Really, I think an Epitaph show would have some legs. Or comic. Whatever. If anything, I was sad about the pat resolution.
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