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&...they have a Plan.

So Jenny & I just got finished watching Battlestar Galactica: The Plan. Well, first I went to the gym, got us Chinese food, & we watched Leverage, but then we watched The Plan. Pretty roundly the response from the peanut gallery who had seen it before us was "meh," & I'm afraid I have to echo that. Still, it is a pleasant "meh." I wouldn't unwatch it, & would have felt fretfully broken without it. See, the thing is Battlestar Galactica was amazing. It was bar none the best program running, when it was on. & I happen to think it had a good ending. People complain-- things weren't tied up in a bow! What is with the ambiguous ending! Frankly, I am more than fine with it. I really liked the last episode for being one that addressed the character's arcs, rather than the show's plot. See, here is a dirty little secret: they didn't have any idea what they were doing, when they were making the show. It wasn't an intensely plotted mini-series & four seasons; it was a always at risk of cancellation gamble. So yeah; some things aren't dealt with or don't make the most sense. That is, I think, the problem with The Plan. Taking the emotional & thematic capstone of the show & trying to use it as a Rosetta stone for the rest of the series may be an ambitious critical attempt, but it is unsuccessful as a narrative one. Still; you get to see One & Six & all the rest. It is like being haunted by the ghost of something wonderful. It is the reflection of the show in its glory. Not the real thing, but in the absence of the genuine article, I'll take it. It made me say: "I hope in ten or fifteen years when someone remakes this show, the cylons do have a really tightly wound plan." Since, hey, now the cyclical nature of the show demands the occasional reboot, right?
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