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Grey China.

Odin's day was Television Night, minus Lilly. We were minus Lilly last TV Night, so it actually worked out, & we just ended up watching How I Met Your Mother & an episode of Manor House & then the video diaries. Jenny & I had each picked up a six pack of this Winter Bourbon Cask Ale which we realized was sadly an Anheuser-Busch joint. We were tricked! It was pretty boring anyhow. Yesterday I got lunch with Rachel & Jenny at Curry in a Hurry, which was so much food that I just now finished my meal (true story). Then last night I hit the gym. Had a good workout since I was gym-flirting with this redhead; you know, I'd use a machine then she'd use it, or I'd do an exercise & she'd occupy a spot opposite from me where we could meet each other's glance & look away. Since the YMCA is all mirrors, it is hard to do anything except look at other people, so an attractive person is a real boon. Then I came home & Jenny & I watched 9. It is sort of disappointing, & I think badly served by the fiat that feature length movies have to be two hours. Having seen the nine minute short, I think that its expansion to full length was done pretty faithfully, but I think it should have been shorter. I didn't dislike it, & there were a few points I really did like, but over-all it was a big "meh." Oh, & I have started writing a little bit for Kit Marlowe & Co. about books & sundry, which I guess I'll link to, here.
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