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"Bleh!" said Dracula.

Did I mention that I stopped washing my hair? I think it is funny; it happened on accident, see? Usually I use Pantene Pro-Vitamin Shampoo & Conditioner. When Leigh came to visit she used our shampoo, so she bought some to replace it. Naturally, when I finished the bottle we were using, I grabbed hers. I've been using it for a few months, now, washing my hair every other day or so. Then last week I actually looked at the bottle, & saw that is was just conditioner. So I guess I've stopped washing my hair, like I said. Okay! Lets see, while we are discussing the banality of mechanical meat-- hello, living creatures!-- I should mention also that I have a cold. I am congested & trapped in amber. I struggle against the pull of the tar pit, but it claims be & drags me under. My saber-teeth are reclaimed by paleontologists years later. Oh man, crap, I have to go work. I have been busy lately, but I at least found out it is for a good reason. Oh-- TV Night last night; we watched Manor House with fordmadoxfraud, elladorian, skycornerless & toughlad. I like that "we" is the pronoun I mostly get to use. Married is one step closer to the hive mind, & towards being less than shattered. I hate being an "I."

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