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Forever Hungry.

This weekend was dominated by the seven hours of Dollhouse we watched. Our new television necessitates a new cable box; now we have a high definition television, so we need hardware that supports that. Also, our old cable box remote is too obsolete to deal with the new television-- they can't communicate, meaning we need two remotes for everything. So! New cable box means we have to empty out the DVR, which was mostly filled with lots of Dollhouse; we thought we had four episodes, not realizing it was three double episodes ("two hour events") & the most recent one-- the one before the antepenultimate episode. Anyhow, the show is much better. As I've said before: the most interesting bit of Dollhouse was the episode "Epitaph One," where the world had gone to hell with brain-overwriting technology. Now that the show is in its endgame, we're seeing everything inch closer to that reality. I guess my opinion on Dollhouse is that it would have made a great miniseries; being canceled is the best thing that could have happened to it. How do I feel about the big reveal? I don't know. I don't buy it yet, but I'm willing to be convinced.

Otherwise, let me see, let me see. Sort of "stuck" at home on Saturn's day waiting for Kira & Nino to pick up the old television. We'd gotten it as a hand-me-down from them, & now we were passing it on to Robert & Judy; the circle of mechanics! Kira kept postponing & then apologizing, but it was fine with me; I was playing video games. I "beat" New Super Mario Brothers, or more accurately, I unlocked World Nine. Then I eventually got my self together, handed off the boob tube, & went to the gym. Knocked that down, came home, found Jenny, & then we went to Scalino to eat. I still sort of grudge on that place because I miss the noodle shop that used to be there. I think it is good (Jenny really likes the ox tail) but I guess for my money I'd still rather go to Aperitivo. Still, an enjoyable time. The place was filled with kids, too. Which I'm down with. I hate neighborhood people, even single people, who can't abide children. Screaming kids is one thing, but man, you live in Park Slope. Chill out. I guess that is my biological clock ticking. Anyhow, Sun's day was a mess; Jenny didn't even leave the apartment. Just television, egg sandwiches, grilled cheese. I went to the gym again-- which, good, I needed to get out, I was going stir crazy!-- then I came home to a mad, mad Jenny. Mad as in Hatter, not as in angry. So we rolled around wrestling for a while. What! & then I got all the star coins on World One.
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