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Yesterday was a busy day! Got shoes, didn't like 'em, sent 'em back (same thing today in fact! I think I hate slip on boots). Went uptown to meet Jenny, since she'd shipped our new flatscreen television up there on accident. We went out for dinner at a Chinese spot, since I wasn't about to navigate a giant, heavy, awkward, fragile box through rush hour. The food was alright, but not spectacular. Having a flatscreen television is weird; people on the street are like "flatscreen....niiiiice." Guys, it is just a television! I use my books for my evidence of conspicuous consumption! & they don't even make cathode televisions any more, do they? Got home, decided "ugh, my arms hurt so skipping the gym." Then I flipped it! "No! I will power through! Dedication!" Jenny was putting the television together-- she needed my help. "Looks like the gym is a no go after all." But! Then when it was done I was like "I am made of Willpower." So I got up & went. Rewarded by decent television-- Pitch Black & Hellboy on the tube during cardio. Also the swell of New Years Resolutors seems to be unduly weighted towards attractive girls. Then I came home, & uh, then nothing! I read a little, I went to bed. I've finished the first part of Book of the New Sun, which is Shadow of the Torturer. I am wondering if I should read something quick to let people catch up. Or something. Anyhow, tonight!

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