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Had a dream last night that Jenny cheated on me! In a threesome with ranai & rbl! & sometimes also in the dream iphisol was also part of the "threesome." Anyhow, I woke up from the dream & told Jenny that I'd had a dream where she cheated on me with them & she said "it wasn't a dream, that is what happened!" BUT THAT WAS A DREAM TOO! It wasn't real though. I checked a few times afterward. Still, what the hell. I think it probably just stems from the fact that we've been fighting the last two days. Not like, epic battles. Mostly, viewed from my side, it is just things that should be conversations, but are clamped down until they suddenly jump ahead to argument-time. For my part I've snapped back but then tried to suss it out with logic & patience. There are just some floating stressors, there is the run-off from the apallingly bad tail end of last year. So yeah. Just like-- fights that then turn into conversations & then impart useful information but didn't have to be a fight. Anyhow, the occasional tense snap, followed by sulking & arguments, followed by one of those fights where you agree & are still fighting, followed by an actual conversation. Not my favorite string of events, but there you go. Otherwise! Jenny made good soup, & we watched Manor House some last night. I am finally over my gigantic long vacation, & while I am glad to have a job to go to now, there is a pile of boxes that is just a snowball of doom. Oh, & I'm getting new boots today(ish) & a new flatscreen television.
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