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Good boy, Gylf! (117)

The Wizard Knight Companion by Michael Andre-Driussi.

Able's puppy in
Fairyland is a hell hound.
His colours say so.

This was part of my Xmas loot, from James & Emily. I've recently been talking about Lexicon Urthus, the Book of the New Sun companion, since I've been hyping up my New Year, New Sun challenge. Like Lexicon Urthus, this begins with a comedic foreward by the wizard himself, Gene Wolfe. He culminates it with a (cough) very rough draft of An Update from Mythgarthr: Part III. Then of course, the nitty gritty. I joked earlier that despite being steeped in allusion & mythology, this is a rather slender volume at 121 pages, compared to the more massive 440 pages of the Lexicon Urthus. There is less inherent mystery to the worldbuilding of The Wizard Knight, which is funny-- I'm not saying it is shy on the development of its own history & cosmology, just saying it is awfully hard to compare it to the New Sun. This companion relies pretty heavily on the etymology of names-- the who is who of the dramatis personae. For me I find the things that stick with me the most are Eterne, the Mother of Swords; & Michael, the visitor from Kleos.
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