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Tar Heel State of Mind.

This is why I rely on my diary: my memory for actual events is terrible! I have a decent noodle for things, heuristics, trivia even-- but what actually happens slips through my hands like so many droplets of water. Or! Like tears. In. Rain. Let me try to get this down, or at least give it a gloss! Jenny & I left for North Carolina to visit her parents late in the afternoon-- she scurried to pick up some funny jodphur sweatpants slash harem pants in Manhattan, then we grabbed a cab to the airport. Getting through security was a mess-- there was no line & all of a sudden it was belt time! Laptop time! Shoe time! Coat time! & for all the scurrying, I still accidentally snuck a box cutter through. Oops? I had one in my bag for work purposes, & never took it out. Nice work, TSA! We had a few drinks at the bar in the airport; that place cracked me up. Also: a "large" beer? They asked me if I wanted a "small" or a "large" when I ordered a Guinness? A "large" is like, one of those Spring Break giant yard of beers. Practically! The flight was no big thing, I had the center seat but the aisle seat was an attractive lady doing a crossword, so no troubles. Landed & we were picked up by Jenny's dad (my father-in-law!) & then another hour & a half drive to the mountains. Then, there we were! Jenny's parent's have a house past where the state maintained roads go; it was touch & go getting up the hill in the pick up, in the snow. We got there though, & without getting out the tire chains. Then there was stocking opening, & some soup & some bread. Jenny's dad is really into no knead bread, & it is tasty. Then, bedtime!

Then: it was a Black Xmas! That is right, ladies & germs! Forget wondering about snowfall-- in the night two trees fell & knocked out the power in two separate places, so it was dark! All a-blackout. We opened gifts & there was some cheer! Then eventually the power DID come back on. Then it became a very Wii-ful Xmas. Of all the games: the Rock Band of both Pop & Beatles varieties, the Mario Brothers, the Wii Sport expansions...the most popular game managed to be...Big Game Hunter. The in-laws (see what I did there?) have the shotgun thing for it, where you insert the wii remote & well, that is pretty cool. They hunter in the game is kind of a dick, but also, the game is kind of fun. Though I never did kill those three leopards at the end. So, that repeated itself for a while; plenty of gaming was done, mostly by Jenny, me, & Jenny's mom. Then dinner was a huge slab of meat, but I think the real stand out was the wilted greens, fresh picked from the back yard. After dinner there was probably something, but also, maybe it was just straight to bed? Oh I think so. Also, because of the lack of power, it was a no-shower, all pajamas day!

The next day was much more outdoorsy. I have become citified in distressing ways: I have no good outdoor boots! I am going shopping on zappos today to remedy that. Still, Jenny's dad had a pair I could borrow; I tugged them on & we went out shooting. I was...miserably bad? I kept even missing the target! I was shooting the Glock 9mm, & I just couldn't even tag the paper! What the hell was...oh! The sights must be misaligned, or the barrel out of whack! I wasn't shooting embarrassingly: the gun was akilter. Jenny's dad put up a second paper & from nearly point blank it was coming off with a wide pull to the right. I wasn't shooting that badly; my shot groupings were not the tightest they could be, but whew. The Glock is Jenny's mother's, & it has a laser sight; I was using both, & the sights are aligned with each other; Jenny's father said he thought I was shooting poorly until he paid attention & saw that the red dot was dead on the bull's eye. So! Still, nice to run some rounds though, freshen up. Don't choke the pistol, Mordicai! Loosen up your grip. Then her dad brought out a 20 gauge shotgun; I haven't fired a 20 gauge in a long, long time. Still, I sure do like shotguns. More like "shotFUN" am I right? After that, it was time to go hiking! Jenny's parent's (my in-laws!) own a nice chunk of a mountain, so that was our destination. To get there you need four wheel drive, so it went: Jenny's dad & me; I got left behind for a while to read my werewolf book alone in the middle of the woods, then they came back. We hiked a bit, up to a motion sensitive camera that Jenny's dad has set up. It had snapped some deer, raccoons, as you might expect, but also a bobcat & a coyote. Neat. The big cat was particularly cool, & had come through fairly frequently! Jenny's feet were hurting, so she went home-- so there I was left alone in the woods again! I didn't see anything. Then eventually Jenny's dad came back & we hiked all over the mountain for a nice long while, all the way to the top. Saw some huge turkeys! Then back: dinner that night was smoked salmon on bread; but like, tons of it. Then we capped everything off with a game of Settlers of Catan, which Jenny's mom won-- really only her & Jenny were in the running.

Sun's day we went to see Avatar. In short, it is verrrrry prettttty. I mean-- I was told in advance it was visually stunning. Then I had people say they knew it was good looking, but not how luscious it was. Then people who had heard all about how gorgeous it was coming back to say how absolutely stunning it is, visually. Ad infinitum. So I was pretty prepared for it. Still, gosh it is very nice to look at. The plot is exactly as problematic & insulting as you might think-- golly, can the white man save us? Thanks, great white hope! Yeah; but once you accept that it is the same stupid liberal guilt that still reinforces the supremacy of straight white males (aren't they greatfeel your pain, guys!) it is pretty okay. Sure, the na'vi are absolutely the Noblest Savages, with a deep link with nature & all that. They are kind of cool though, & at least had diversity in their population. Still bugs me that the language & the biology had all this design go into it, which was then thrown away to make the na'vi blue humanoids with boobs. Seriously, you could just put extra bones in their arms at least to show what happened to their extra limbs-- everything else on the planet has six limbs, the blue lemurs have them bifurcating at the elbows even-- you had the evolutionary chance! Anyhow, it is worth seeing, but also worth keeping in mind that it has a problematic subtext. We went back to Jenny's folk's place & ate a whole bushel of shrimp. Seriously, a hellacious amount of shrimp, with rosemary & such dressing; it is a family recipe? Jenny made it for me once in college, & I fondly recall it. I probably ate half a kilogram of shrimp. Then more Settlers of Catan, this time randomized, & this time, I won. Good for me! Then while I was brushing my teeth Jenny sprayed my coat with enough perfume to mace a robber. While we were laughing about it, & brushing the tears from our eyes, Jenny's dad called upstairs to ask what the smell was-- it pervaded the whole house!

The next day, we came home! Not too bad a commute, again, though Charlotte's US Air terminal is stupid; there are like six gates at the end with enough chairs for two gates. Plan better! The flight wasn't too bad; I had a window, so once we were over Gotham I hung out it with my tongue out. Home! We took a cab home-- cabs take weird ways home from LaGuardia. Home was a sandwich-- gosh I was hungry-- then Manor House & some Band Hero. With some champagne & vodka. Then this morning I threw up! My stomach was a tousle. Now I'm playing Rock Band with James & Emily. If I don't feel sick again I'll go to the gym.
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