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Proto-European Shamanism! (116)

Frostbite by David Wellington.

O the Big Bad Wolf
He sees you when your sleeping,
both naughty or nice.

I maybe have predominantly negative things to say about this novel, but only because I like Wellington, & have gotten spoiled by his vampire books. I liked this book-- was compelled by it, eagerly read it-- but in the end analysis, it was more like one of his zombie books in quality. Perhaps the thing that elevates the vampire books to their exceptional level is Laura Caxton-- she has extraordinary appeal. The protagonist of this novel, Cheyenne, doesn't quite cut the mustard. The first reveal-- barely is a spoiler alert-- that she came to hunt the werewolf? Was telegraphed pretty hard, & then the next segment of the book...didn't really seem believable to me. Well-- her trauma did, but her sudden uplift to lycanthrope killer just wasn't really fleshed out or plausible. So I complain-- but bear in mind, I complain because I had too-high expectations. Don't let me turn you off! There are some interesting bits & interpretations. I will say this: Wellington must be really afraid of teeth, because the werewolves, like his vampires, are all snaggly with them. The mythology behind them-- a shamanic curse from a Paleo-Indian age, with dire wolves as the focus...I'd like to see that spooled out more. & like so much horror lit & film, from Twilight to True Blood, the question I really want to ask the author is: how much did White Wolf products influence you?
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