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It is the time of year for loot; when I revise my character sheet from Pride & Hope to Greed & Charity.

toughlad & skycornerless gave me The Wizard Knight Companion, by Michael Andre-Driussi, the same guy who wrote the Lexicon Urthus. I was chuckling about it; The Wizard Knight is soaked in allegory, mystery, & subtle allusions to mythology & fable, especially Norse & the Round Table, & lots of inside jokes about Three Hearts, Three Lions. Even so, it is maybe 1/25 the size of the dictionary for The Book of the New Sun? Ha!

& Jenny got me these framed Exploding Dog prints! Man, remember like a decade ago when my desktop just rotated from one expodingdog image to the next? I sure like it! Plus, "vampire in a rocketship" is pretty much a perfect distillation of what Oubliette is about. Nice work, Jenny! These are going to go above the bed, & the spider & beetle prints will go above the desk. I'm pretty excited; it is nice to have nice things! & there are more presents waiting for me in North Carolina, which is where we are going in a few hours.

Jenny opened all the presents I got her, which were: a "framed butterflies" collection from the Evolution Store, a framed print of the thistle she has always liked & wants a tattoo of, the complete DVD set of Manor House & a big book about the show, a business card case, a ring holder shaped like a bird, a glass made from melted down green glass from the beach, a Sound of Young America shirt with a squid on it, &...maybe that is it. Not a bad bunch of swag! & I got James a Bathearst shirt & Emily a Kate Beaton Bronte Sisters shirt.
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