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Blood, Jewel, & Starlight (exalted Water, Earth, & Air)

A rather nice weekend! Lots of champagne-- we bought a bunch for Carla's birthday on Sun's day but then it ended up canceled thanks to a combination of weather & work. Speaking of weather: snow! You know me, I'm Court Fimbulwinter, Team Always Winter Never Christmas. Snow makes me a nice little Mordicai, snug in my cave. So with all the icy slick goodness, we mostly hunkered down, drank mimosas, & watched True Blood Season One, start to finish. I am clearly on the vampire's side. Sad that Season Two isn't out-- this is why I was postponing it, so that I could have a good head of steam! What else, what else. Yesterday I forgot my headphones, so my gym time was all lifting. Yowza! I was home on a personal day from work. Oh, on Sunday we checked out the Kohzee Diner, which was fine, just fine. The "Meatloaf Burger" was pretty good, but the service was slow. The other day I went into Matter & saw that they had mostly the same taste as Jenny-- there were the MoMA lamps that Ryan bought for us that she wanted; there was the little key-shaped flash drive she's so proud of, the wooden screw driver she bought as a gift-- just a lot of things she owned from various sources. She's the secret curator! Then lets see, let me see...last night I hung out with Gerd! He's been in town but our trains were not meeting at the station, so finally we made the herculean effort to actually see each other. We met up at Union Square & walked down to SoHo, getting a drink along the way, going shopping a bit. Complaining about DnD 4e, lauding it too; he filled me in in elaborate detail about his post-doc work with macromolecular organic chem & I scraped the bottom of the barrel of my mind to keep up with it. Science! You know, we also caught up on mortal life stuff. Fun. (pictures up top taken by Ian & Isana's wee bairn.)
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