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Step up! (114)

Master of Reality by John Darnielle.

He is Iron Man!
Wait, that is from Paranoid.
I don't know Sabbath.

I'll confess: what the heck do I know about Black Sabbath? The majority of my exposure might be songs on Rock Band & Guitar Hero. I picked this up because John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats wrote it, it is as simple as that. I'm not a metal head, wouldn't claim to be. I am a freak, though, so this book ended up appealing to me. I making me want to listen to Sabbath. The frame story is this: the book is a diary being written by a teenage boy in a mental institution. A diary that quickly morphs into a love letter to his favorite album: Black Sabbath's "Master of Reality." The kid isn't a serial killer, or an arsonist, or anything that justifies him being in the hoosegow. Nope. He's just a troubled adolescent. Mildly troubled. I have to admit that it kind of got to me! You know, me & a crew of creatures like me had that same horizon. Being dragged to shrinks, being told we were "wrong," & all that. Some of us closer to a sanitarium than others. This is the kid who got tossed in the institution. & ruined by it. The second half of the book is set a decade later, by the adult the kid grows into, rediscovering how much he cared about music, articulating again his affection for the album. It is a tiny, touching little book.
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