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Expecting team Branch Davidian to show up shortly for our trek to Bayridge to play DnD. I'm trying out a goblin wizard. Going to use a funny voice. Lately? Well Jenny & I have started watching True Blood. I get the hoopla about Bill Compton, now; he's totally hilarious. He's especially funny in light of the Edward/Bella mindreading null, compared to the Sookie/Bill mindreading null. Anyhow, I sort of loathe the South & this show does a pretty good job of presenting the South that I hate along side the mythical South that people are supposed to like. Which means more or less Sookie & Grandma. Bill though is super hilarious. "Oh please let me be real polite. But also, things are real terrible in my world, sometimes I forget that I have to tell my friends in advance not to attack you. Oh, did I just terrorize that guy in front of you? Sorry."

We had my work party-- another work party!-- on Thor's day. Both my department's & one of our publisher's, same night. Jenny came to meet me; we started out on floor twelve, then up to seventeen for a bit of that bash, then back down, then out. I don't have anything specific to report? Talked to some bigwigs amicably! Tried to save Monica. Hung out with Nick & Rachel-- it was our anniversary of meeting Rachel! Also hung with Ben & Martin; speaking of, Ben, Martin, Tom & Brad got me an Amazon gift certificate. How nice of them! Spent it about five minutes later...Anyhow, back at the party: Joceyln & Brian & Other Ben. Tom never came up to seventeen-- on principal! He was the Twelfth Floor Hero. Anyhow-- work party! It happened. Freyja's day I had off again; didn't get much accomplished besides some reading, & playing Metroid Prime Two & going to the gym. This morning though, I tidied up a little, played some video games, & went shopping. & now it is snowing.
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